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Introduction to Systems Thinking & the Sustainable Development Goals


Provide your students with the tools necessary to understand complex issues, find leverage points for change and take action for a sustainable future. 


In this workshop educators will explore systems thinking tools and how to apply these tools in their lessons to help students understand complex global issues. Educators will develop a deeper understanding of the U.N Sustainable Development Goals and how to structure units of inquiry that lead to students taking action. 


This workshop is suitable for primary, middle school and secondary teachers as well as your school's Sustainability Coordinator, Service Learning Coordinator and STEM/STEAM Coordinator.

Nature as Designer & Teacher - Introduction to Biomimicry 


In this workshop participants will be introduced to the concept of biomimicry and explore best practices for learning from nature. This course will help provide a bigger purpose for STEM/STEAM learning and will inquire into current biomimetic innovations. Teachers will leave this course with practical tools to enhance their lessons from learning about nature, to learning from nature.

The Design Thinking Classroom - Strategies and tools for purposeful ADST modules.


In this workshop, participants will engage with the Design Cycle, circular design principles and explore the “why” behind ADST modules. Participants will practice using the Design Cycle and discover how design challenges and constraints lead to creativity, innovation and purposeful design. Together we will explore how the BC ADST curriculum and modules develop 21st century skills and how modules can be used as a catalyst for service learning and sustainability within your school community.  


This workshop is designed for teachers in British Columbia, Canada teaching the BC Applied Design Skills and Technology curriculum

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  • Whole school sustainability audit

  • Strategic planning for carbon neutral schools

  • Curriculum Enhancement & Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

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 "I really enjoyed the workshop! I am most excited about the iceberg model to look at events, as I think it could be widely applied to look at cause and consequence. I hope to be able to use some systems thinking in my grade 7 climate change science unit. I was already familiar with systems thinking from a biological systems point of view, but some big take aways were applying it to a wider variety of topics/subjects, and tools to make it approachable at the middle school level. "

Erika S.

Ecole Intermediaire

"Thanks for an awesome workshop, Jackie! I had no idea the SDGs existed until doing a masters program that wove the SDGs through much of our coursework. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make these big global projects make sense for my grade 6s, and it’s a relief to see that you and others have already done so much thinking and experimenting."

Shawn W.

Central Middle School 

"I am excited to use the sustainable development goals to help build my student’s background knowledge of what is needed to make decisions as a whole (grade 6 curriculum big idea) to come up with solutions on how countries can work together for climate change.  To see the interconnectedness of the goals is helpful and these tools will help build a better picture before we go into our mock UN Climate summit. Thanks!"

Joy N.

Monterey Middle School

"I must say that the session was wonderful, learners at Podar International School Mumbai were extremely excited. The informative brainstorming session with you helped our learners to

dive further into their inquiry."

Kanchana C.

Poder International School Mumbia

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